Late KK Bhaskaran (Retired DEO), 89 Years

With sorrow we inform you that Shri KK Bhaskaran, father of KHNA Joint Secretary-Elect Shri Rajeev Bhaskaran, passed away today in Cherthala. Our heartfelt condolences to Shri Rajeev Bhaskaran and family on this sad occasion. Loved ones can never be replaced. But, ..Read More

KHNA X SVMM Attapady Seva Internship Summer 2018

KHNA X SVMM Attapady Seva Internship Summer 2018. Please download the report below.

KHNA X SVMM Attapady Seva Internship KHNA X SVMM Attapady Seva Internship (9609 KB)

..Read More

Thiruvathira competition at KHNA 2019

Dear all, Hope all of you are still reminiscing the colorfulful moments from KHNA 2019 @ NJ and this message finds you in good spirits. After much deliberation with the esteemed judges of thiruvathira competition at KHNA 2019, we have decided to dissolve t..Read More

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Welcome to KHNA

Kerala Hindus of North America (KHNA) was formed in 2001 from the far sighted vision and motivation of Late Swamiji Sathyananda Saraswathi to unite all Hindus with the goal of preserving Sanatana Dharma Read More

Who We Are

Kerala Hindus of North America (KHNA) is a 15 years old socio cultural nationwide nonprofit organization registered in the United States of America with tax exempt status. KHNA is globally involved in the preservation of Culture and Heritage and..  Read More

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KHNA 2019 Global Convention

KHNA 2019 Global Convention ..

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KHNA 2017 Global Convention

KHNA 2017 Global Convention..

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9th Global Convention

Edwards Village Hotel, Detroit, Michigan - July 1-4, 2017..

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