Chennai Flood Relief Fund Appeal!



We are writing on behalf of KHNA regarding the “KHNA Chennai Flood Relief Fund”.

The deep depression over the Bay of Bengal has brought heavy and continuous rains and devastated our neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu and many parts of the city of Chennai. The state is battling one of the worst floods in history. Several districts are submerged, leaving a trail of death and destruction. The toll in the devastating floods has reached over 250. More than 2,500 villages are badly affected and 60 percent of the capital city of Chennai is under water. Thousands of houses marooned, people stuck on roof tops without food, water and medications. Women in labour, special needs people requiring urgent aid, no power, no communication etc. makes the situation worse. Aid agencies, Army and the NDRF are rescuing and providing relief to the entire city of Chennai, Cuddalore and other remote villages.

In this hour of trial, KHNA (Kerala Hindus of North America Non-Profit organization registered under 501 (c) (3) ) appeals to one and all to help the people of our neighbouring state, which is also home to many Keralites and support the victims of this unprecedented floods. It has been termed as the heaviest in over 100 years. By the time this appeal is issued, more people will be impacted. Need immediate help to support the families. Kindly donate generously. We will ensure that your donations help the needy at the earliest, and with the most impact for every dollar donated, via our charity partner on the ground, Sewa International USA, who have almost zero overheads and proven track record of delivery all around the world.

As always Sewa International USA, a not for profit charity organization, registered under 501 (c) (3), has been one of the first to hit the ground running. They have been on the ground for the last 3 weeks with thousands of their volunteers, providing relief and have been in full rescue and relief mode across Chennai and various places in Tamil Nadu, providing in rescue and relief operations in Chennai while and other areas, also working with NDRF and the Indian Army - coordinating rescue/relief efforts. They have already released $10,000 as immediate aid. For full report of their activities please visit HERE

Please send your donation checks payable to: Kerala Hindus of North America

Address: KHNA, 400 Ann Arbor Road, Suite 205, Plymouth, MI 48170



Surendran Nair, KHNA President
Rajesh Kutty, General Secretary-KHNA

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