Kerala Flood Relief Fund Appeal!


KHNA : Kerala Flood Relief Fund Appeal!

Our home state of Kerala - a popular tourist destination in India, is severely affected by massive monsoon downpours with incessant rains for days on end. The scale of devastation is a historic first in living memory, with an area about half the size of California,, being partly submerged.

Around 45 rivers are overflowing, over 27 dams are full, several dead, and over 200.000 people already displaced from their homes. International visitors are trapped, as the new, state-of-the-art airport in Kochi is still unusable. The government, and utility services are overwhelmed, but rescue efforts are ongoing with the army, navy & air force pitching in. Entire mountainsides have collapsed in landslides !!! Thousands are homeless, with a need for clean water, food, and clothes

The immediate needs are being slowly met by various organizations, but much remains to be done. At KHNA, we are addressing some immediate needs, but also focusing on the long-term painful challenges of re-building lives, health care needs, homes and communities.

Open your hearts and donate generously by clicking the DONATE button. Your donations will be tax-exempt. If your employer is likely to match your donation, please get them involved, and let us know.

Kerala Flood Relief Appeal

Amma has done more work than many governments have ever done for their people... her contribution is enormous

Prof. Muhammad Yunus | 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Founder, Grameen Bank