KHNA 2017 Global Convention - LUCKY DRAW Winners


Dear KHNA Members,

This is to notify that the KHNA “LUCKY DRAW Winners” are officially published.

1. Mr. & Mrs. Manikoth Kurup, Richmond, Virginia (First Prize Winner) Ticket # 631407

2. Mr. & Mrs. Rajappan Nair, New Jersey (Second Prize Winner) Ticket # 631275

3. Mr. & Mrs. Rajaram Kumar, Ohio (Third Prize Winner) Ticket # 631416

4. Mr. & Mrs. Vilas Kumar, Texas (Fourth Prize Winner) Ticket # 631323

Congratulations to all the four winners of the KHNA Lucky Draw contest and a big THANK YOU to all our KHNA members & families who have supported us by participating in this contest.

Few important notes:

A. First Prize SPONSORED by “Eastend Resorts“, Kochi, Kerala.

B. Second Prize SPONSORED by “Pulickattil House Boats“, Alappuzha, Kerala.

C. Third Prize SPONSORED by “Mr. Sathyajith Nair”, Dallas, Texas, USA.

D. Fourth Prize SPONSORED by “Tanmai Jewelers”, Texas, USA.

E. On July 2nd the first Lucky Draw ticket (# 631250) was sold to Mr. & Mrs. Renil Pullarkat.

F. On July 4th the last Lucky Draw ticket (# 631415 & # 631416) was sold to Mr. Rajaram Kumar.

On behalf of the KHNA Sponsorship Team, I would like to THANK all of the sponsors listed above and few members, listed below, who had volunteered their time coordinating the Lucky Draw sales from July-1st thru 4th, 2017 at Detroit, Michigan, USA.

1. Mr. Sudhir Prayaga
2. Mr. Sathyajith Nair
3. Mr. Girish Nair
4. Mr. Sudarshana Kurup
5. Mr. Baiju Panicker
6. Mr. Binu Panicker
7. Mr. Subhash Ramachandran
8. Sidharth Gopinath (KHNA, Youth Member)

Any further questions about the KHNA Lucky Draw Contest, please feel free to email the undersigned with your phone number. We will be more than happy to answer your queries.

Thanks Again.
Sanil Gopinath
Sponsorship Chairman
KHNA (2015 - 2017)

My father and Amma are kindred spirits.

Ms. Yolanda King | Daughter of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.