KHNA - Sewa: Kerala Floods 18-Day Report


After the massive floods, Kerala is on the road to recovery, and shall overcome the current hurdles, and future challenges together as one KHNA family.

KHNA would like to thank everyone who has come forward to help with the Flood Relief effort in their own way, whether it was via monetary contributions, by giving your time, coordinating between groups, or even doing one-on-one service. That said, there is still lot more rebuilding to be done. And in due course, as we are resilient people, we shall definitely overcome, and move forward.

KHNA had teamed up with Sewa Bharathi and hence we would like to share with you the 18 page report from the Sewa USA President on project "Keralam". (See the reports at the bottom of the page) This will clearly outline how the money you all graciously donated is being utilized, be it a direct donation to Sewa USA or a contribution through the KHNA GoFundMe site.

As there is the need for more to be done, KHNA might adopt other projects as well, like Karmodaya, in the future. The Sewa committee will screen and ensure that the help required is channeled directly to those in need. Just as Sewa USA did, we will also keep you periodically notified of the progress made with rebuilding efforts through our communication outlets.

Once again, a "big thank you" to all those who helped in your own way. Please share the KHNA appeal with friends, family, and other personal contacts.

Kerala Flood Status 18 Day Report Kerala Flood Status 18 Day Report (2763 KB)


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