KHNA 2017 Global Hindu Convention

    July 1-4, Edward Hotel & Convention Center, 600 Town Center Drive, Dearborn, MI 48126

Surendran Nair
             Rajesh Kutty
             General Secretary
           Sudarsana Kurup
Rajesh Nair
Convention Chairman
             Sunil Paingol
             Registration Chairman


IMPORTANT PLEASE COMPLETE: Transit Arrangement Request For Khna Clobal Convention 2017 At Dearborn Michigan


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KHNA General Body is pleased to announce that the KHNA 9th Global Convention will be held at Detroit, MI during the dates of July 1– 4, 2017 under the leadership of the newly elected President Sri. Surendran Nair (Detroit, MI). This magnificent global Hindu convention celebrates Hindu culture and heritage during a four day mind blowing retreat brought together by cultural programs, guest speeches, religious and spiritual speeches, ganamala, kathakali, classical musical competitions and a representation of our youth and family network. This convention is expected to have more than 2000 attendess and cater to a variety of audience including and not limiting to: families of all ages, students, budding enterpreneurs, businesses, professionals, dignitaries, celebrities and visitors from India, Canada, UK, Mexico and USA.

Download the Convention Registration Form

KHNA Registration Form July 2017 KHNA Registration Form July 2017 (146 KB)


Click the following link to see registration Packages and Privileges.

Download registration Packages and Privileges pdf file

KHNA Biennial Convention July 1-4-2017 KHNA Biennial Convention July 1-4-2017 (36 KB)

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KHNA Sponsorship Packages and Privileges 2017 KHNA Sponsorship Packages and Privileges 2017 (132 KB)

KHNA 2017 Global convention Detroit detail please visit KHNA

 Convention Chairman
   Registration Chairman 
Rajesh Nair   Sunil Paingol


General Conveners

Ambika Syamala

North Carolina

Binu Panicker


Raju Nanoo

Empire State Region

Raju Pillai


Ravi Raghavan

Los Angeles

Satheesan Nair




Regional Coordinators

Aravind Pillai

Midwest Region

Nandakumar Chakkingal

South East Region

Narayanankutty Menon


Rajeev Bhaskaran

Empire State Region

Reghunathan Nair

Tristate Region

Satheesh Ambadi

West Coast Region

Sreeja Sreekumar


Vinod Vasudevan

Lone Star Region

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