Vadakkunnathan Temple

This is the first Shiva temple created by Lord Parasurama. Shiva here is more popularly known as Vadakkunnathan. Vadakkunnatha Temple is situated at the heart of Thrissur city.

Vadakkunnathan temple is a multi-shrined complex in the center with three principal shrines dedicated to Shiva or Vadakkunnathan, Shankaranarayana and Rama. Lord Vettekkaran (Shiva in a hunter form) is also worshipped within the nalambalam enclosure. Shiva is worshipped in the form of a huge lingam, which is covered under a mound of ghee, formed by the daily abhishekam (ablution) with ghee over the years.Lord Ganesh in the temple is positioned facing the temple kitchen and offering of Appam (sweetened rice cake fried in ghee) to Mahaganapathy is one of the most important offerings at Vadakkunnathan temple

Vadakkunnathan temple is one of the oldest in South India according to the archaeologists. Vadakkkunnathan Temple is one of the largest temples in Kerala that is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

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