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Online Dharma Quiz for children in North America conducted by KHNA. Lot of exciting prices to win including 22 ct Gold Coin for winners of each group.

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KHNA DharmaIQ, an unprecedented contest of its kind, is a nationwide search for young and bright minds who are willing to come forth and exhibit their thirst for knowledge. It is a platform where youth can thrive to learn, introspect and educate themselves about their faith and their motherland. The stage is set across three specific age groups, where children from different regions all across North America come together to prove their conviction and prowess in the basic Hindu Dharma principles and their knowledge about India and Kerala.

While children of the younger age group will be questioned regarding the elementary principles that make up some of the cornerstone aspects of the “Sanathana Dharma” and our culture, elder children will contest across the country to display how informative and fortified their knowledge and understanding of their faith is. Certificates of recognition will be awarded to all the participants and top 3 students from each Group will get special prizes. A truly international competition of this magnitude calls for the wide participation and support from each and every families across the nation, and we hope to see our young minds come forward and prove their talent and conviction in their faith and culture!!!

KHNA Spiritual Committee request all parents to register and enroll their child for Dharma IQ Online Quiz. Please feel free to forward the email to your friends and other Hindu Organizations and encourage them to register for the quiz.

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