KHNA 2017 Global convention

Kerala has given birth to many erudite and accomplished classical musicians and composers who have enriched the musical treasure of India. Composers from the great royal Maharajah Swathi Thirunal and on to Irayamman Thambi, Tulaseevanam, K.C.Kesava Pillai, Govinda Marar, Lalitha Dasar... just to name a few, who have all significantly contributed to the Carnatic music world.
KHNA presents "Aarohanam" - a unique musical tribute to the erstwhile and contemporary Kerala composers through an audio visual presentation of their lives and a mini katcheri of their popular Carnatic kritis and padams rendered by established Carnatic musicians from our own KHNA family.
KHNA invites each and every one of you to experience Aarohanam and ascend through the Carnatic scales of Kerala while celebrating Kerala culture and heritage.
Any questions, please reach out to Bini Panicker: 586-383-8811 or Asha Subramanian: 248-910-8510



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