KHNA 2017 Global convention
Youth Camp

Attention : All Parents (of Children age 5 to 12)

Welcome to the Kerala Hindu Convention in Detroit, MI

We have a record number of approximately 150 children in the age group 5 years old to 12 years old attending the convention this year.

In order keep children of this age group engaged constructively in learning & fun, in a safe space, with trained teachers/Acharyas, while allowing their parents to enjoy/participate in the programs on offer at the convention during this time, KHNA is offering two world class programs for children in association with IAHV/Art of Living Foundation -

1. Sri Sri Gurukul  
2. World renown ART EXCEL program  

Both of these programs are subsidized by KHNA and being offered at special rates for KHNA convention attendees to help our children learn about and experience Sanatana Dharma and benefit from its practice/ applications.

Please check out program details below. Registration is ONLINE. Please click on links shown above or on the poster to register.

Limited spaces to maintain program quality/experience. Deadline to register is June 20th, to help plan logistics and number of Acharyas/ Teachers who need to be flown into Detroit, MI for these sessions.

If you have any questions or need additional information,please contact
Vinod Varapravan (519 319 0863) -
Krishnaraj Mohanan (914 413 7349) -
Deepak Pillai (571 363 7193) -


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