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Youth Convention Events

Raja Kumari


Connect. Celebrate. Inspire.

Presenting the biggest ever Youth Convention, truly a perfect fit to accompany a historic National Convention coming to the Motor City this summer. Given below are just a few of our highlight events that are in the works. To know more about any of these events or to become a part of them, feel free to contact:
Sabari Surendran: (248) 835-4375
Vinod Varapravan: (519)-319-0863

LIVE in concert & Interview

As one of the biggest up and coming icons in hip-hop, Raja Kumari is an artist with a truly unique musical signature that draws inspiration for her musical process from a uniquely Hindu and South Indian identity. Being born and brought up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, her musical identity focuses on a unique fusion between urban hip hop and the rhythmatic beat patterns associated with Bharatanatyam, an art form she has practiced and perfected all her life. At our convention, she will be performing live in concert and will speak about how her faith and dharma has influenced her music in an exclusive interview.

Led by Acharya Vivek, Spencer Delisle, Aparna Mulberry

For the first time in KHNA's history, the spiritual segment is moving away from just a traditional Lecture/Q&A format. Our spiritual debates and discussions seek to actively involve the youth of today in trailblazing conversations and debates. Rather than being asked to sit in a chair and listen to long lectures, we seek to implore our youth all across North America to Un-Mute and ask questions and challenge the Acharyas and spiritual gurus present, learning through objective reasoning and skepticism. From questions about the scriptures to questions about contemporary political realities, no inquiries are off-limits.

YUVA MOHINI Male and Female Beauty Pageant

This year, KHNA is bringing back the Yuva-Mohini Pageant bigger than ever, with thousands of dollars in prizes and international media coverage. To know more and to become part of this exciting event of global scale, CLICK HERE

KHNA Young Entreprenuer Award (YEA)
KHNA's Premier Entrepreneurial Award for Youth!

Got an innovative idea, app, concept, startup, product or prototype in your mind that could change lives? KHNA Youth, in partnership with the Tech Empowerment team, introduces the YOUNG INNOVATOR AWARD 2017, a premier platform for Hindu Youth of all ages to present their ideas and concepts based on Information Technology, Automotive Tech, Medical Science, Renewable energy and more! The winner will receive the Young Innovator Award and upto $1,000 in funding for their startup idea/concept. To register your spot, CLICK HERE.

KHNA'S GOT TALENT Exclusive Youth Talent Show

The Talent Show this year will provide a national stage for youth of all ages to exhibit their talents. Any youth between ages 10-30 can participate! The winning act will bag fantastic prizes and exclusive recognition at the KHNA Banquet! In order to participate, CLICK HERE and fill out the spreadsheet with the details of your child and what the talent that they wish to showcase is! FYI: Signups are based on a first come, first served basis. New entries will be closed once the 2 hour time block is filled!


KHNA seeks to put together the brightest and the best minds among us to showcase the professional skill sets of our Youth through this one-of-a-kind event. On top of being given the opportunity to meet young Keralite Americans excelling in various professional disciplines, the youth are given an opportunity to listen to their stories and network with them, thereby providing a unique opportunity for them to develop long-lasting relationships with possible mentors who will help them throughout their professional journeys for years to come!

To know more about any of these events or to take part in them, please feel free to email us at

Don't look back—forward, infinite energy, infinite enthusiasm, infinite daring, and infinite patience—then alone can great deeds be accomplished.

Swami Vivekananda | Indian Hindu monk and chief disciple